Maker Faire Rome 2023

Creative transformation of felting

Our idea demonstrates that from natural, environmentally friendly materials, using old felting technologies, you can create innovative, stylish, modern products.

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Creative transformation of felting - Maker Faire

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Mariia Hrozdova Maker Photo

Mariia Hrozdova

Born in Donetsk (Ukraine). Educated in chemistry, I worked as an auditor according to international standards. I always interested in something unusual, innovative, healthy and natural. Once I decided to make unusual natural hats for my children. The felting technique immediately captivated me with its unlimited possibilities. In 2014, I had to leave Donetsk with small children and moved to the capital. We started everything from beginning. In Kyiv, a hobby slowly grown into a small business. In 2015, together with a friend Yana, we founded the MaryGroz workshop. Our hats are already recognizable outside of Ukraine

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