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Apertura ad Impulsi Programmati di più Accessi Condominiali

Invention applicable to intercom systems with two or more "electric door units". The entrance to a condominium has two push-button panels, the visitor must ring the first time outside, wait for it to open and go to the second access to ring the second time, the condominium must wait for the time lapse between the first and second being able to move away from the intercom, the patent intends to provide the condominium with the possibility of eliminating this useless waiting time. The device is designed to be connected to the "door speaker" of any door phone system with two or more electric locks without making any changes to it.

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Apertura ad Impulsi Programmati di più Accessi Condominiali - Maker Faire

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Giuseppe Bonanno Maker Photo

Giuseppe Bonanno

Born in Rome on 10/20/1940, I was a professor of technical education at various lower secondary schools in Rome where I carried out projects and experiments with the students to stimulate their passion for learning and experimentation, I have always had the hobby of creativity and inventiveness that led me to file two patents while I am currently filing the third.

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