Robot Haunted House: Program and Ride a Virtual Haunted House

Sensors and servos can seem scary at first, but fear not. CodeJoy will make robotics fun and accessible with our miniature haunted house experience. Program ghosts and goblins as you take a ride through our miniature, virtual haunted house.

CodeJoy creates online coding and robotics classes that are funny, story driven, educational, and fully interactive. We developed a system that allows your MakeCode program to control the robots in our learning studio. Join the CodeJoy classroom and learn the basics of coding and explore the simple mechanisms. A computer or Chromebook is required for you to interact with our in-studio robots.

What inspired you to make this project?:
The CodeJoy team loves dark rides- those are the slow moving, indoor rides that take amusement park visitors through a story. These rides usually include animatronics and other special effects. It has been a long-time goal to create a miniature dark ride that CodeJoy students could experience and control through Zoom (or any video conference platform). With Halloween just around the corner and people open to new experiences on Zoom, this seemed like the right time and place to try out this idea.

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Categories: Robotics, Fun & Games
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