Fayetteville Free Library Makerspace

Fayetteville Free Library is a public library located in a suburb of Syracuse, in Central New York . We were an early adopter of making in libraries. In fact, we were the first library to provide open access to the tools of making, including 3D printing, starting back in 2011. For us, the idea to integrate making into our library began in 2010, when we noticed a gap in access in our community. In our area, the only place 3D printers were accessible were to students enrolled in particular programs at nearby universities. A student intern at the library noted the potential of the library to fill this gap in access. She developed a proposal to develop a makerspace within the library walls.

The FFL Fab Lab Makerspace, where were have digital and analog tools and technologies related to fabricating physical objects. This space includes 3D printers, a laser cutter, CNC mill, vinyl cutter, Cricut Maker, sewing machines, craft tools, hand tools, electronics equipment, STEM learning kits and more. Over the past 10 years we have certified thousands of people on the equipment in our Fab Lab.

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Categories: Making, Teaching & Learning
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