Washed Cash

Washed Cash


My project talks about a money sanitizer, as we well know Sars-Cov-2 has a nice resistance on the material, we managed to know that on the paper the virus doesn’t lose his infectious ability not before 4 hours and on the plastic and on the steel not before 72 hours and for the third not before 48 hours.
Money are made of these materials, so we can understand that they could be a way to infect us, because they move in the hands off all citizens.
Also OMS declared in early March that they could be dangerous, in fact China and Korea had picked up the money and sanitized them, but the problem return when the money return to the market everything come back as before.
A sanitizer of money uses in shops allow to keep continuously the money sanitized.
In addition I also want to remember that this device can be helpful also after this pandemic because this sanitizer could kill Virus but not only, it kill any kind of microbe.
But now I’m sure that you want to know how it works.
Money will be placed on the mobile surface of the device, after this part of the device will be pushed into the device, where a UV lamp at a wavelength of 254nm will produce ozone, this substance has microbicidal effect, and after 3 seconds money will result sanitized. After that we will be able to pull the mobile surface towards us so that we will pick up the money in total safety.
This kind of technology could be used also for cash dispenser, coins dispenser and more else.
Using this device could make us all feel more secure than before.
It could be used in banks in shops, in all places that come in contact with money

What are the problems you aim to help solve with this project?:
I want to help solving health problems, decrease the number of future infected people (Corona Virus and other diseases).

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