Engineering with Paper: Make Arcade Games

Engineering with Paper:  Make Arcade Games

Using just paper, tape and scissors, you will learn how to make your own table-top amusement park style games. This hands-on workshop will get you cutting, folding, connecting and building in a matter of minutes. You will start by learning the Engineering with Paper “alphabet” of techniques and then transform ordinary paper into interactive games. Unleash creative possibilities while also learning how to re-use and up-cycle supplies you already have. Please have printer paper or magazine pages, tape and scissors available. Manila folders and cereal box type cardboard is also useful if you have it available.

What are the problems you aim to help solve with this project?:
To help kids, adults, students and teachers know that they can do hands-on engineering projects even if they have limited access to supplies at home, or when they return to school. Screens are so much part of our lives now yet hands-on explorations are critical for learning to thinking creatively and reducing personal stress.

Goal - for educators and families to learn that STEAM activities can be done with inexpensive readily available materials that they already have at home.
Goal - to remove the "fear" factor that some people have about hands-on STEAM activities
Goal - to remove the expense factor that often hinders the inclusion of STEAM projects

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