a videocall in motion

a videocall in motion

just a videocall is possible through the audio channel, send different sequence of audio frequencies
for take control from remote of motors and for drive small robot;
this is possible with 2 atmega microcontroller programmed with an algorithm,
the microcontroller are installed in an board (actionoiseboard)
which is connected to the mobile phone that receiving the normal voip videocall.
Can possible to take control of remote videocall also an playpad connected to the phone.
and also switch on light from remote in case there is dark in the remote area where there is
the Robonoise.
the project has already been presented in maker faire 2019 in Rome


What are the problems you aim to help solve with this project?:
with the sistem of videocall in motion can possible to add the motion in a normal videocall
(with skype,whatsapp,messenger ecc...), can possible to go around from remote
with a simple videocall and without use of cloud.
the sistem is very simple because how make the videocall can connect a Playpad(joypad)
in the audio jack of mobile phone and while see the video of mobile phone can take control
of the Robonoise another side of videocall.
can possible with this method to check remote area and to switch on also light
with the remote module.

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