A Steampunk MP3 Player with real indicator tubes

This is a Raspberry Pi drive MP3 player.
It runs Volumio2 and uses a DAC for playback.
A 2 x 3 W class D amplifier drives the two wide range speakers on the right and left side.
And yes it is Steampunk.
The Raspberry and the DAC are visible trough a acrylic tube.
The VU - meter is build from real 1970th indicator tubes.
The case is made from MDF an painted with a special 3 layer technique to simulate real wood.
The power supplies:
5V for the Raspberry Pi
5V for the amplifier
12V for the tubes
are located inside the case.
A128 GByte nano USB memory stick stores the music
The sound is excellent and the device looks nice.

What are the problems you aim to help solve with this project?:
Just to have a stylish MP3 player :-)

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