Meet the Hosts of Family Maker Camp

Family Maker Camp is here to encourage and support making activities at home during this time when schools, libraries, and museums are closed. With our team of hosts, we provide a ton of exciting and engaging projects through social media and our website. Join us for a special Meet the Hosts session where we'll share our experiences about learning at home and online.

We'll chat about the questions that are on your mind:
- How did careers have had to switch gears during this time?
- What are our key takeaways from teaching and entertaining online?
- How do you keep kids inspired and engaged during this long period of staying at home?

Our hosts are educators and parents just like you. This special session will include host Mario “the Maker Magician” Marchese and his co-adventurer, Katie Rosa Marchese plus Karl J. P. Smith a.k.a. Doctor Sparks, Kelsey Derringer and Matt Chilbert of CodeJoy, Andy Forest of Steamlabs, and Sandy Roberts of Kaleidoscope Enrichment.

What are the problems you aim to help solve with this project?:
Both parents and educators are struggling right now as many families have had to switch from traditional schooling to a distance learning model. We aim to reassure, support and provide insight into making learning at home with the kids more fun for everyone.

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