DIY foldable boat in 8 hours, cost less than $100 and weighs less than 16 lbs

Will show you how to build a foldable canoe, kayak or even a sailboat in 6-15 hours using coroplast. I can fit three boats in my Toyota Prius C (with back seat down). The cost is between $80-$140 each. You can get all the materials at Home Depot or Lowes. Tools to build the boat is very simple: a heat gun ($9), a cutter ($3), a roller (DIY, $2), a measuring tape, screw driver.

What are the problems you aim to help solve with this project?:
- I want to have a kayak and a 'pocket' sail boat. However I live in an apartment and there is no space to keep the boats. Besides, a foldable kayak cost $1200 which I can't afford.
- Another problem is I can't easily get a larger sheet of coroplast (say 12' x 5') to build a boat. I have developed a technique to fuse two or more coroplast sheets together for building a bigger boat.
- This type of boat is really light (15 lbs), easy to transport without needing a trailer or mounting it on the car-top carrier (which cost money).

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