Live at
World Maker Faire New York 2018

Come ask a panel of makers including Jimmy DiResta, Sophy Wong and Matt Stultz questions about processes, tools, inspiration, sourcing, design, technique, electronics, woodworking, sewing, digital fabrication, cooking and more. Moderated by Lenore Edman of Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories.

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Lenore Edman

Lenore M. Edman is co-founder of Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories, a hobby electronics and robotics business. She has been showing projects and speaking at Maker Faire since 2006.

Jimmy DiResta

Jimmy DiResta is a designer and master maker known for his ability to fabricate in an impressive array of materials. He's starred on a number of cable shows and is currently starring as Shop Master on NBC's new series "Making It," hosted by Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman. Jimmy's a well-known maker star on YouTube where he creates regular videos for Make:, Core77, and his own DiResta channel.

Sophy Wong

Sophy Wong is a designer and maker whose projects range from period costumes to Arduino-driven wearable tech. She is a regular contributor to HackSpace Magazine and Adafruit, writing articles and tutorials for wearable electronics projects. She can be found at and on her YouTube channel chronicling her adventures in making.

Matt Stultz

Matt Stultz is Make's Digital Fabrication and Reviews Editor, he is also the founder of HackPGH, 3DPPVD, and Ocean State Maker Mill.