Y-modify is a team organized by junior-high and senior-high students in Japan. We will exhibit our handmade humanoid robots called “YamaX,” that can walk, dance, etc, and controlling system called “DeepL2.” Interested in humanoid robot? Come and See!

What inspired you to make this project?:
We think that making humanoid robots is too difficult for ordinary people because of two reasons; 1) there are not enough information about making them and 2) controlling them is too difficult. We started this project because we faced these problems and we wanted to solve them ourselves.
Four years ago, we started making a humanoid robot “YamaX” just because we thought humanoid robots were cool. However, when we searched how to make it, very little information was available. Even with such information, after 9 months from we started, we finally managed to make one which can walk. Then we published how to make it on the Web.
Last year, when we made a new humanoid robot, we thought that making its motion is too difficult to make. After 2 weeks of trials and errors, we succeeded to make our humanoid robot walk. Then we thought that we can make it move automatically with physical simulation and deep learning, which is now the controlling system called “DeepL2.”
Still, making humanoid robots is difficult. This truth encourages us to make our own humanoid robots and controlling system and to write our web pages about them.

Project Website
Categories: Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Open Source, Raspberry Pi, Young Makers (Maker is under 18yo)