Molecular Building for Early Biochemistry Learning

This project shows the power of hands-on and virtual modeling for biochemistry learning. Students construct intricate models of bio-molecules to understand their function, and a 3D visualization program helps students answer life's big questions.

What inspired you to make this project?:
I was inspired to create my program because I wanted school chemistry to be better. The chemistry that most of us experienced in high school is dry and tedious, but advanced chemistry learning, which I only encountered later in college and graduate school, reveals the true nature of the subject. Chemistry is really about architecture, and how intricate and beautiful molecular machines function and work together to make what we call "life". I want to share this with young learners, who will otherwise probably never learn what chemistry really is, and may miss their chance to have the world explained the way that I have been able to understand it.

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Categories: Education, 3D Imaging, Biology, Kids & Family, Science
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