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World Maker Faire 2016

Food for All mobile app aims to solve the problem of reducing food waste by making it easier to share left over food by matching donors, patrons and volunteers anywhere in the world.

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Umesh Andaluri

Umesh wants to be a game programmer when he grows up. He is currently entering 8th grade in H.B. Thompson Middle School in Syosset, NY. His hobbies are Origami, drawing, robotics, electronics and programming.

Davesh Valagolam

Davesh is an eighth grade student attending Jericho Middle School. Some of his passionate hobbies are robotics, football, and reading.

Salil Kamath

Salil is in 9th grade attending Plainview High School. He is passionate about Mathematics and science. His hobbies include Karate (black belt), robotics, and computer programming.