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World Maker Faire 2016

October 1st-2nd

Young Makers / Education Exhibit Art & Design Ribbon Recipient

HugMatch is an interactive toy for 2-5 year old visually impaired and non visually impaired children. It stimulates the senses that develop at this age. Children are entertained by toys made with different fabrics and toys that can make sound.

Chloe Koo Maker Picture

Chloe Koo

Chloe Koo is a Designer and Technologist who is based in New York. As a designer, she desires to design things that are emotionally rich and grounded in meaning. She loves to devise new designs that involve both new technologies and innovations.
Sam Nam Maker Picture

Sam Nam

Sam Nam currently developing end to end process, project management skills, process enhancement skills such as analyze existing process.

Youhjung Son Maker Picture

Youhjung Son

Youhjung Son is an art therapist who loves to help children and adults overcome physical and mental challenges and find new ways of being through creative expression. She is also a workshop facilitator, blogger, and a crochet fanatic.

Kyeore Heo Maker Picture

Kyeore Heo

Kyo is a game developer and painter who uses technology to enhance our social relationships and understanding within the digital world. He loves taking things apart and putting them back together in interesting and new ways.

Soona Kim Maker Picture

Soona Kim

Soona Kim is a creative and business hybrid, who has an eye for product innovation as an Industrial Designer and a business mind set as a Strategist. She is highly motivated to empower design to enhance collaboration and synergy.

Jenny Kim Maker Picture

Jenny Kim

Originally trained as an opera singer, Jenny Kim has been exposed to storytelling of all forms. Her artistic ability has led her transition smoothly into expressing her creativity in a writing format.

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