Make: Live

Relive all the fun from World Maker Faire New York 2018

World Maker Faire New York 2018



Saturday Schedule

9:30 am: Welcome!
10:30 am: DigiKey Electronics
11:00 am: DIY By Showing, Not Telling
12:00 pm: Building Your First Star Wars Droid
12:45 pm: Giant Connect Four
1:00 pm: Digikey: Best Boards
1:30 pm: Wearables with Sophy Wong
2:00 pm: 3d Printing Props & Costumes
2:30 pm: Makers Gonna Break!
3:00 pm: Adam Savage & Mythbusters Jr.
4:00 pm: Online Project Sharing
5:00 pm: Digital Fabrication

Sunday Schedule

9:45 am: Welcome Back! Tapagami & More
10:30 am: Hand of Man
11:00 am: Image Analysis on Low Power Machines
11:30 am: Programming Non-Arduino Hardware
12:00 pm: Cosplay & Prop Contest
1:00 pm: Jimmy DiResta
2:00 pm: Combat Robots
3:00 pm: Laura Kampf
4:00 pm: TURFInc
4:30 pm: Making in Healthcare
5:00 pm: Coke Zero & Mentos
5:30 pm: Goodbye!

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