Maker Faire WNY Regional 2023

Woodworking and Wood Carving Techniques

Home: New York, United States

Woodworking and wood carvings are longtime passions and hobbies. Learn about several woodworking techniques and view a selection of completed projects. Methods that are useful for creating, repairing, and restoring wood objects will be shared.

Woodworking and Wood Carving Techniques - Maker Faire WNY Regional


Lee Smith Maker Faire Yearbook Photo

Lee Smith

Lee Smith is vice president of the Niagara Frontier Wood Carving Club and an instructor for the Town of Tonawanda Senior Center woodworking shop. Seniors from the Town of Tonawanda and others from the local area are welcome to join the center to be able to take advantage of the fully-equipped woodworking shop at the Town of Tonawanda Senior Center. A variety of power and hand tools are available to build just about any woodworking project you can come up with. The local Woodworkers club also encourages anyone who’s interested to become a member to meet and share ideas with fellow enthusiasts.

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