Maker Faire Rome 2023

Rosa Di Scena Luminosa Radiocomandata

A remote-controlled rose, an integral part of the 'Frantumi' performance by Mizar Tagliavini. This rose illuminates during the show thanks to a NodeMCU and a neopixel matrix. Additionally, it uses micro wireless LEDs as an alternative light source and harnesses a magnetic field generated by an invisible copper coil. The aim is to unite art and science, demonstrating the interdependence between creativity and innovation. We hope to inspire people and bring them closer to theater through science, as well as introduce them to technology through a love for the theater

Rosa Di Scena Luminosa Radiocomandata - Maker Faire

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Giorgio Liberini Maker Photo

Giorgio Liberini

Giorgio Liberini: Born in Fermo in 1981, he graduated in electronics and telecommunications from ITIS Montani. He currently works as an IT systems manager at a multinational jewelry design company. Always passionate about electronics, robotics, and physics, he became interested in 3D printing and digital manufacturing in 2017, embarking on his initial projects. Recently, he has ventured into the field of theater and started collaborating with EARTES CUM PANIS, developing projects for technological stage props.

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