Maker Faire Rome 2023

Mycastellium - From Mushroom to Masterpiece

Mycastellium is the perfect project for people who want to open their minds into a sustainable environment. This project is entirely made of a sustainable material called mycelium: an ideal substitute to plastic. We created this lamp combining nature inspired designs and advanced technologies. Our project took time and dedication as we collaborated to reach our goal. Mycastellium’s aim is to spread awareness about sustainability. Help us transform our world step by step; every little step counts!
Mycastellium - From Mushroom to Masterpiece - Maker Faire

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Orietta Bartalini Maker Photo

Orietta Bartalini

We are a lively class who has been committed to this project since the start. We have captured its meaning and goals to contribute to the creation of a lamp that doesn’t damage our precious planet. Respect is one of our most important values. We ensure to include everybody and accept every ethnicity. In fact our class is multinational. We have people from all over Italy, India, Japan, Spain, France, Belgium, England and the Maldives. Incorporating all of our ideas, we have created many projects and we are bound to continue.

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