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krocette is the new Italian brand of vegan and eco-sustainable accessories. We work closely with the manufacturing excellence of Italy to develop unique creations with an innovative style. We also use only materials of plant origin, to offer products of the highest quality and with zero impact on the health of the environment and animals. The mastery and the creativity of our fabric artisans have given shape, style and elegance to the material. The fresh and natural lines of a krocette seem to be crossed by the same lifeblood that nourishes the fruit from which it was born. And this makes it the perfect accessory you want by your side, 100% Made in Italy
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krocette - Maker Faire

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Love for animals and fashion are two constants in Federica Curatola's life and they are precisely these two elements that led her to found krocette. The intent is to create a beautiful, quality object, but without the use of raw materials of animal origin. How to do? The everything stems from an intuition: to reuse fruit waste and treat it with processes totally natural, to obtain an innovative material, sustainable from the point of view economic and environmental. The result is the first vegetable alternative leather, a gifted material of the same precious texture of the skin, but completely biodegradable and cruelty-free. 100% Made in Italy, krocette blends product aesthetics within its creations to production ethics in order not to impose any renunciation, but they are the choice of a style authentic

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