Maker Faire Rome 2023

Apache, il Drone FPV Cinematico

The Apache is an FPV Drone designed and manufactured entirely in Italy. It was born for use in the world of cinema, allowing the creation of unique dynamic videos with the quality of today's films and TV series. Thanks to its 8 motors and a specially designed chassis, it can lift film cameras and remotely controlled heads.
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Dynamic Shot SRL Maker Photo

Dynamic Shot SRL

My Frame FPV, is an Italian company founded in 2018 dedicated to the creation of products for the FPV drone sector. Our company puts the customer at the centre of the process for choosing the product and allows them to create tailor-made frames, calibrated to the pilot's needs. It is then up to the user to customise the product he or she wants in all its aspects, and this is where the name 'My Frame' comes from. We are a Roman company. The design is exclusively Made in Italy!