Maker Faire Bay Area 2013 was a huge success!

Maker Faire Beat Report
Othermill Manufacturing Stays Close to Home

Othermill Manufacturing Stays Close to Home

It takes a village to make the Othermill desktop CNC mill, but despite current trends offshore, that village is based in the San Francisco Bay Area instead of Chinese manufacturing hotbed Shenzhen.

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Knit Taxidermy and More Wonderful Wares We Love

Knit Taxidermy and More Wonderful Wares We Love

The San Francisco Bazaar was back again for the 2015 Bay Area Maker Faire. There were 85 booths with 90 artists showing off and selling the amazing things they’ve made. There was everything from laser cut jewelry to paintings to handcrafted metal garden art. We didn’t get a chance to interview everyone […]

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Jamming on a Modern Day Player Piano

Jamming on a Modern Day Player Piano

The echoing sounds of a mad pianist banging out the theme to Harry Potter drew me to find the source. Hidden behind a crowd of bedazzled onlookers a piano plays its music. This is the work of Ramon Yvarra, and his piano. Once a standard player piano, this musical anachronism […]

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Epic Fails: 3 Elite Makers Discuss The Upside of Failure

Epic Fails: 3 Elite Makers Discuss The Upside of Failure

Over the past few months, three notable makers have been delighting listeners with their podcasted conversations about tools, creativity, and the magic of building. The show, called Making It, comes from David Picciuto (The Drunken Woodworker), Bob Clagett (I Like to Make Stuff), and Jimmy DiResta (Discovery’s Dirty Money, and […]

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Watching Rube Goldberg Go Viral

Watching Rube Goldberg Go Viral

Rube Goldberg has really become an adjective, thanks to the strange, enduring attraction to his devices

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