Maker Faire WNY Regional 2023

A. J. Schmidt Marble Run Mania

Home: New York, United States

A.J. Schmidt's Marble Run Mania is where a Rube Goldberg machine meets a Marble Run. It is a fun way to explore the concepts of relative position, gravity, and motion. Our students will assist participants to activate the crazy contraptions!
A. J. Schmidt Marble Run Mania - Maker Faire WNY Regional


A.J. Schmidt Maker Maniacs Maker Faire Yearbook Photo

A.J. Schmidt Maker Maniacs

Students in Maker Mania combine Art with Science to learn about Sir Isaac Newton’s Laws of Motion and other interactive gravity experiments. Students Design, Color Renderings, and build prototypes.

What Inspired You to Make This?

We believe in children and inspiring them with 2D to 3D creations..

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