Maker Faire Yearbook 2023


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Faire: Pioneer Valley
Home: Massachusetts, United States
MakeFixHack is a growing community of makers, tinkerers, hackers, crafters, and other like-minded people, sharing knowledge and working to create a community workshop/hackerspace here in Easthampton. MakeFixHack is an open and welcoming community and strives to be a safe space for all.


Faire: Bay Area
Maker: Bus Club
Home: California, United States
It's tiny wooden pirate ship. Fully electric, it's the future of piratecraft. Fits up to 4 mateys. It's dubloon-operated so you need to keep pillaging if you want to keep pillaging. Scout for land through the eyeglass and keep a lookout for whales.


Faire: Zagreb
Maker: Croatian Robotic Association
Home: Grad Zagreb, Croatia
We will present a new prototype robot based on a Raspberry Pi Pico board and RP2040 controller. The device can be programmed with both micropython and Arduino IDE. Would you like to see this project in the classroom or as your next robotics project?

Wisconsin Ghostbusters

Faire: Elkhorn
Maker: The Wisconsin Ghostbusters
Home: Wisconsin, United States
The Wisconsin Ghostbusters are on hand to serve any, and all, of your supernatural problems. Non profit group with handmade Ghostbusting equipment. Hands on demonstrations of how the tool of our job are utilized.

Society of Women Engineers Wichita Section

Faire: Wichita
Maker: Society of Women Engineers - Wichita Section
Home: United States
SWE is a non-profit organization made up of both men and women who are dedicated to making known the need for women engineers and encouraging young women to consider an engineering education.

One Man Robot Band

Faire: Trieste
Maker: NULL
Home: Veneto, Italy
E’ un orchestra di musica meccanica formata da alcuni simpatici robot percussionisti, guidati dal loro folle inventore. Il meccanismo è formato da un sistema a leva, azionato da solenoidi e gestito attraverso una scheda MIDI. Il nuovo spettacolo che porterò a Trieste lo sto costruendo appositamente per questo evento, con un nuovo impianto luci, nuove canzoni, un nuovo robot mescolato a giocoleria, mimica, drum circle, musica, abbracci e fastidi! Vi aspetto!!

HCC!zuidoost-brabant: lezingen, inloop, werkgroepe

Faire: Eindhoven
Maker: HCC!
Home: Nederland
HCC!zuidoost-Brabant organiseert activiteiten van 3D-printen tot kennisoverdracht door het geven van presentaties, van machineborduren tot modelbaanautomatisering, flightsimulation en nog veel meer. Onze bijeenkomsten zijn in Eindhoven en Helmond Je kunt hier terecht voor het bewerken van foto’s of video-opnamen maken en bewerken. We hebben meerdere locaties waar we hulp bieden bij het gebruik van computer, tablet of telefoon en nog veel meer. Laat je informeren en kom naar onze stand.

Protecting your innovations, designs, and other creative works

Faire: Bay Area
Maker: Silicon Valley USPTO
Hands-on inventor card activities with recycled materials will be featured for Maker Faire attendees to create, including a rocket launcher, pocket flashlight, model lung, UV bead bracelet and a craft stick kazoo. Makers will also have a chance to learn about inventors through the inventor trading card series and the USPTO's new K-12 resource to inspire invention and making, EquIP HQ ( Resources and assistance are provided on how to protect your innovations and creative works (patents, trademarks, copyright, and trade secrets). All USPTO educational programs and resources are FREE.

Twining Loom -how to make a scrap fabric rug

Faire: Syracuse
Maker: Sandy Uhos
Home: New York, United States
How to make a Twined Rug, by Sandy Uhos -demonstration only Using repurposed fabrics, twining a rug is similar to weaving, but produces a unique, durable throw rug.

Miller Steadley Woodworking

Faire: Tulsa
Maker: Miller Steadley
Home: Oklahoma, United States
Are you a dog lover? Come, see, and buy pawcuterie trays and dog paw cutting boards designed and custom made here in Tulsa, OK. You'll also want to drop by if you play guitar to see the guitarist foot rests.

Lizzie & Izzie Designs

Faire: Baton Rouge
Maker: Elizabeth Brantley
Home: Louisiana, United States
Lizzie & Izzie Designs creates beautiful one of a kind stainless steel tumblers and cups. Each is hand painted and decorated and suitable for all ages!


Faire: Los Angeles
Maker: Aerienne Russell
Home: California, United States
CicLAvia will be producing 8 car-free street events all across LA County in 2023! Come learn more about these free, family-friendly events and how you can get involved and participate.

Homebrew Robotics Club

Faire: Bay Area
Maker: Homebrew Robotics Club
Home: California, United States
HBRC is a club of robotics enthusiasts from families with middle school kids to retirees who like to experiment with all different kinds of robots. From small table top based robots to full-size humanoids, from rovers to robotic arms. We have some members who work for robotics companies but we see it as a hobby and a way to learn and educate each other. Some members have fun at competitions like RoboGames or the club also has a couple of exhibition meetings every year, where members can present their robots. HBRC is participating in the BA Maker Faire for many years (and different members in other Maker Faires as well).

Matheson Memorial Library

Faire: Elkhorn
Maker: Matheson Memorial Library
Home: Wisconsin, United States
Come explore the making opportunities the library has to offer from circulating kits to hands-on activities for all ages!

Rose rosetter

Faire: Aarhus
Maker: Astrid Stegeager
Home: Denmark
Det Finurlige Flyselskab lægger an til landing med kuffertene proppet med legetøj og dimser, der er samlet ind på genbrugsstationen REUSE i Aarhus. Alle der kigger forbi, kan lave en rosette og rose sig selv for sine klimavenlige handlinger.

The Scion: A Hero In Motion

Faire: Bay Area
Maker: Andrew Spielberg
Home: Massachusetts, United States
The Scion: A Hero In Motion is a superhero story that teaches science, targeted toward preteens, teens and young college students. Ray Gallagher (superhero alias “The Scion”) is a college science student with the power to manipulate the forces of nature — but only if he deeply understands them. If Ray understands gravity, he can jump extra high; if he understands heat and energy, he can manipulate fire. Through this mechanism, story and teaching are intertwined. The Scion covers topics in-depth in a pedagogical fashion, and concepts build upon each other and are revisited throughout the novel. It is The Magic Schoolbus for middle-grade, but with added emphasis on conceptual learning. We presented an earlier version online at Maker Faire: Capitol Hill. We hope you like the previews!

PicoFlutter – Wearable for Learning Electronics

Faire: Rome
Maker: Alexandra Covor
PicoFlutter is a butterfly-shaped wearable development board for learning the basics of embedded programming. This educational tool is RP2040-powered and includes multiple programmable LEDs, as well as a Qwiic connector for adding sensors. This dev kit is perfect for young learners who want to have fun and create their own wearable technology while also learning about electronics, programming, and Edge ML. The device serves as a tool to connect theoretical concepts with practical applications, fostering innovative thinking and cultivating an interest in STEAM fields.

ERIE21 Maker Group – Mini Theme Park

Faire: Syracuse
Maker: ERIE21 Maker Group
Home: New York, United States
Blast off with Passport to the Future, a pop-up theme park by ERIE21 Maker Group, Budmen Industries + The Keenan Center. Discover future transportation, visit other planets + take on the robot obstacle course. Join us on this unforgettable journey!

3d printing

Faire: Tulsa
Maker: Nathan Earnest
Home: Oklahoma, United States
3d printing is fun and easy, we are here to help anyone get started doing it!

Alberta Tech Alliance Association

Faire: Calgary
Maker: Alberta Tech Alliance Association
Home: Alberta, Canada
We are a community based robotics program. We are part of FIRST and provide stem education to students grades 4-12. Our three levels are FIRST Lego League Challenge for grades 4-6, FIRST Tech Challenge for grades 7-9 and FIRST Robotics Competition for grades 9-12.

Osservare l’invisibile: Cloud Chamber DIY

Faire: Trieste
Maker: Marco Baruzzo
Home: FVG, Italy
Vuoi vedere l'invisibile che ci circonda? Ti è mai capitato di vedere le particelle che ci attraversano in ogni momento? No? La nostra camera a nebbia ti permetterà di vedere con i tuoi occhi le particelle elementari di cui hai tanto sentito parlare dai fisici ma che nessuno è mai stato capace di mostrarti!! Uno strumento per rallentarle, uno strumento per fermarle e nel buio... rivelarle.

Calgary Protospace

Faire: Calgary
Maker: Calgary Protospace
Home: Alberta, Canada
Calgary's longest running Makerspace. We share access to space and tools to our membership to make and create whatever they can dream up. We have a well equipped woodshop, machine shop, laser cutters, 3D printers, sewing and textiles, printing and design, welding, and CNC equipment.

University of Wisconsin – Platteville

Faire: Elkhorn
Maker: NULL
Home: Wisconsin, United States
Pringles Challenge - Students are to create a package that will allow a Pringles Potato Chip to safely survive a trip through the US mail system.

Tech Couture: Details Revealed

Faire: Coney Island
Maker: Hal Rodriguez
Home: California, United States
Take a look inside the Tech Couture dresses of Amped Atelier. You don't need to know about apparel construction or how to read an electrical diagram. You just have to be interested in fashion and electronics.