Community Submersibles Project

Community Submersibles Project

The Community Submersibles Project is a collective of submersible enthusiasts in Berkeley, CA. Come see their 32' 1987 Marline 32 Diesel Electric S-101 manned submarine at Maker Faire!

What inspired you to make this project?:
Attending my first Maker Faire in the Bay Area two years ago profoundly influenced my thinking about Makers, tinkerers and community engagement with the ocean and our water planet. I began to see just how exclusive and elitist access to ocean technology was, held by just a few universities, wealthy individuals and corporations. I realized I had to spend the last quarter of my life reaching a broader audience of children, teachers, families, students and everyday tinkerers and curious people if we are going to make a dent in understanding our Ocean Plant. We must have exploration before exploitation! There is global race to unlock the riches in the ocean and need everyone to get involved in knowing what’s down there before it is too late.

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