Hack A Week DIY Projects.

Hack A Week DIY Projects.

A presentation detailing how I got started with Hack A Week and what it takes to make content. I'll discuss what inspired me, how I got started in electronics and hardware hacking, what it takes to produce video, dealing with a public following and how to be creative with new content.

What inspired you to begin investigating your topic or inspired you to make your project?:
I saw a project to build a crystal radio when I was 13 and I got hooked on electronics. I taught myself about electronics by taking things apart and learned a few things from a HAM radio guy I met when I was 15. Hackaweek.com was inspired by a post I saw on Hackaday.com. They were looking for someone to produce a project video each week. I just decided to do that myself on my own website and Hackaweek was born.

Project Website

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