Build a Camera Obscura Out of Cardboard Workshop project image

Build a Camera Obscura Out of Cardboard Workshop

Maker Faire Bay Area 2019

May 17th-19th

Workshop Fabrication

Build a Camera Obscura Out of Cardboard

The camera obscura has been a tool for artists for hundreds of years. In this workshop, you build a camera obscura from scratch using discarded cardboard, paper bags, tape, glue, and tracing paper. You can use either a convex lens provided in the workshop or a pinhole poked in a sheet of aluminum foil to project a live image on a piece of paper. It's like making your own little live movie projector!


Sun 19 Sun 19 May 2019
Make: Workshops
3:00 pm
Gray Chang Maker Picture

Gray Chang

Gray Chang has worked as an engineer and technical writer in Silicon Valley for decades. He enjoys making stuff out of cardboard, doing experiments, studying science for fun, and making educational videos (science, tinkering, gambling math, and old Atari computer games).

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