LED Space Helmet Photo Booth

3... 2... 1... BLAST OFF! See the world from inside a custom-made LED space helmet. Press the Launch button to take photos of you and a friend on your adventure in space, at the Space Helmet Photo Booth!

What inspired you to make this project?:
I created the first LED space helmet because I wanted a unique costume for a David Bowie themed Halloween party in 2012. Additionally, I wanted something interactive that I could share with other people by handing them the color-changing remote, or by them wearing the space helmet. I received multiple requests after the party for more space helmets like the one in my Major Tom costume. I sold homebuilt ones on Etsy for a year, and then wrote an Instructable (instructables.com/id/LED-Space-Helmet/) to share the process with everyone.

We wanted everyone to have a reminder of the fun they had at Maker Faire, so with the photo booth we can capture photos of everyone in space helmets and then share the pictures with them online.

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