Hirotaka Niisato

Have you play with fidget spinner? This project use fidget spinner and magnetic for chaos movements. Chaos is easy to MAKE with fidget spinner, you could think about the conservation/transport of momentum, several physical phenomena. Touch&enjoy:)

What inspired you to make this project?:
I'm interested to chaos based the spin and swirl(like a butterfly effect). Small changes produce large movements with chaos, but that's momentum is preserved in the system will be attenuation. I want to show that phenomenon concept easily for everyone, then I found using the fidget spinner and magnetic are one of the result. Easy to make the chaos with only 2 items.
Several basic physical phenomena model (geometrical frustration, Ising model, quantum spin, repulsion/attraction, law of conservation of momentum, transportation of momentum/informations...etc) could be found in this chaotic magnetic fidget spinner.

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Categories: Hacks, Art & Design, Education, Kinetic Art, Science
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