Live at
Maker Faire Bay Area 2018

Winston Moy, Joel Telling & Clare Mason in conversation with our Make Editor.

Clare Mason

Clare is a Lab Facilitator at the Seattle University Innovation Lab, and creator of Youtube STEM series, Make It and Fake It. She likes to make stuff with laser cutters, 3d printers, and any other tools she can get her hands on. But mostly, she likes to teach other people by sharing her experiences.

Joel Telling

Hi, my name is Joel Telling, though many today know me as the 3D Printing Nerd. I’m a Pacific Northwest native, hailing from Seattle, Washington. My YouTube channel started out as a way for me to share all the cool things I was doing with my very first 3d printer, and since then has transformed into one of the most trusted online places for 3d printer reviews, tips, and tricks. My goal is to inform, educate, and advocate, and I accomplish this with thanks in part to the wonderful 3d printing community I am a part of.

Winston Moy

Winston is a mechanical/software engineer by day, and digital fabrication evangelist by night. He's been building and crashing CNCs since 2014, and shares projects and nuggets of wisdom (I.e. what not to do) on his YouTube channel.

Hep Svadja

Light cutter, fashion trend hunter, urbex artist, and space enthusiast. Community and Content Manager, Staff Photographer and Photo Editor at Make.