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Allie Weber Kid Inventor, "Robot Maker Girl" is the host of Tech-nic-Allie Speaking on YouTube, the winner of the 2016 Global Spark Lab Invent-It Challenge, and was named a Top 10 Young Scientist by Discovery Education and 3M in 2017. Allie is a Maker, Builder, and Inventor. You can do it too!

What inspired you to begin investigating your topic or inspired you to make your project?:
Making is something everyone can do. Inventing is just making that is used for the purpose to solve a problem. We live in a world full of problems. When I see a problem, I can complain, or wish it was different, or I can come up with a solution through Making a solution. I use the innovative process almost every day, and that process can guide making projects to solve problems.

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Categories: Young Makers (Maker is under 18yo), Art & Design
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