Live at
Maker Faire Bay Area 2018

Thousands of balloons will be used to construct a massive dragon before your eyes. A fragile material will be used to create a fierce beast. All Maker Faire visitors will be given an opportunity to try their hand at creating art with balloons.

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Larry Moss

Larry Moss is full of hot air and visionary ideas. He combines the two with balloons and twists them into community-building art experiences. With a background in entertainment, applied math, and elementary education Larry breathes life into STEAM.

Kelly Cheatle

Kelly Cheatle specializes in elegantly loud design and is a materials and process fiend. Her artwork varies in scale by several orders of magnitude, from multi-story massive installations to sculptures small enough to sit comfortably on a penny.

Brian Asman

Brian Asman has been bringing joy to the masses with latex balloons for over 15 years. His inflatable art has earned him a television series, "The Unpoppables!" and have taken him around the world.