Maker Faire Tour 2017 Around the World - 12 Maker Faires in 8 Countries

Korean maker Eunny, I am a big fan of Maker Faire. In 2017, I traveled around the world for 7 months in order to participate MFs and meet makers with my work's Simple Animals.(UK-Austin -BayArea-Paris-Barcelona-Nantes-Hannover-Eindhoven-NewYork-Pittsburgh-Seoul-Shenzhen) Are you curious about that?

What inspired you to begin investigating your topic or inspired you to make your project?:
I have been participating in the annual Maker Faire Seoul since 2014. I watched the video of abroad Maker Faire a lot of times on online. I couldn’t waste my time in front of small computer monitor. So, I decided to visit Maker Faire Bay Area in 2016. After the visiting, my curiosity of other MF and makers became bigger. Therefore, I decided to travel following Maker Faire around the world. At the same time, I could show my Simple Animals to the world.

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Categories: Photography & Video, 3D Printing, Art & Design, Maker Pro, Open Source
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