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Maker Faire Bay Area 2017

Featuring Jackie Chim, Katy Lee, and Alyssa Cho, three quirky girls that not only love fashion, but programming as well. They decided to incorporate their two "loves and passion" to create extraordinary accessories that are ready for the ramps of London, Milan, and New York.

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Kathryn Lee

Kathryn Lee is 14 years old and an eighth grader in Fremont, California. She enjoys figure skating, reading, working with young kids, and playing the piano. She loves to program and learn new languages, such as Arduino, HTML, and CSS. Katy has enjoyed working on her umbrella Rainbo Skyz for the past two years, improving it in every way she can.

Jacquelyn Chim

Jacquelyn Chim is a high school student and also the designer and CEO of Peek. She has created many products that involve LEDS and Adafruit and loves fashion.

Alyssa Cho

Alyssa Cho is 16 years old, and she is a sophomore at James Logan High School. She wanted to create her dress to revolutionize the normal dress. She was inspired to create her dress Flash-On from Claire Dane's Met Galla dress. She also loves boba milk tea.