CellRobot is a customizable modular robot that can be assembled in hundreds of different combinations to perform different task. It's also a hardware platform for you to create.

What inspired you to make this project?:
Before we started working on the CellRobot, we had this dream of a robot that could change shape and adapt to its environment: roll under debris to enter a collapsed building, then climb with four legs onto obstacles, or ramp like a snake to explore passages hard to access. Not just a "Transformer" but a real shape-shifter. The technical challenges and cost of building modular robots make this vision still somewhat distant, but the Cell Robot is a first step in that direction. It is a fun and educative little robot that gives a first glimpse into the exciting future of modular robotics. We found MakerFaire to be the best platform to find support for this project and guide its evolution. We look forward to feedback and suggestions for the current project and future functions via X-Cells, API, SDK or other software elements. We can’t wait to work with you all on the future of CellRobot.

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