Tony Stark and Geppetto collaborate Version 2.1

What do you get when you blend as many of your hobbies and interests as possible into one project? In my case the result is a wearable wooden embodiment of assorted video game and film characters mixed with a touch of steampunk for good measure.

What inspired you to make this project?:
What started out as my take on a steampunk mechanical hand has evolved into a complete outfit. I attended Maker Faire a few years ago as a spectator and decided to wear the mechanical hand. Any apprehension I felt about wandering around in public dressed in such a manner was quickly set aside by the numerous compliments and encouraging words I received over the next two days. The current version of this outfit is a result of the positive feedback and energy that I derive from my trips to Maker Faire.

Categories: Woodworking, Art & Design, Engineering, Fabrication, Wearables
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