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Maker Faire Beat Report
The Electric Giraffe Goes to Washington

The Electric Giraffe Goes to Washington

When the President invites you to his house, you move heaven and earth and an 18-foot robot to get there.

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That's a wrap for the second Elephant & Castle Mini Maker Faire...

The Elephant & Castle Roundup

That's a wrap for the Elephant & Castle Mini Maker Faire, which was bigger and better than ever

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The Primo robot (back) and instruction board (front).

Teaching kids to program with wooden blocks

How do you teach programming to children with no prior programming experience? How do you teach programming to children that can yet read or write?

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The #meARM

Building a hackable robotic arm

The meArm is a small, hackable, robotic arm designed from the ground up to be low cost and easy to use.

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3D Printed Line Following Robots

3D Printed Line Following Robots

The Cannybots are 3d printed line following robots that are Arduino compatible, and controlled via Bluetooth LE.

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