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Maker Faire Beat Report
Sketchup and Materialise Partner for 3D Printing Design Optimization

Sketchup and Materialise Partner for 3D Printing Design Optimization

The popular design tool and the additive manufacturing experts team up to allow for optimized 3D printing capabilities of your designs.

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Watch a DJ Control a Tesla Coil With His Turntable

Watch a DJ Control a Tesla Coil With His Turntable

It doesn’t get much better than the world renowned DJ Qbert scratching insanely fast, except when every scratch is not just expressed as sound, but also sparks off of a tesla coil. That’s exactly what took place during Maker Faire Bay Area when DJ Qbert took to the stage to […]

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Drumroll Please for the Ribbon Winners from Maker Faire Bay Area!

Drumroll Please for the Ribbon Winners from Maker Faire Bay Area!

This year’s Maker Faire Bay Area has come to a close, and while we are sad to see it go, it also gave us the opportunity to acknowledge the hard work of those Makers who brought the best, most fun, engaging, memorable, and educational exhibits. One of the biggest perks of […]

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DFRobot Encourages the Open Hardware Community

DFRobot Encourages the Open Hardware Community

DFRobot is a Shanghai-based open source hardware facilitator whose mission is to encourage people to develop their own products and simply enable more rapid project creation. We caught up with Hector Saldana of DFRobot to find out more about the company’s offerings. Saldana notes one of their main focuses of […]

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Photo of Angel of the Apocalypse feathers.

Giant Flaming Feathers Awe Maker Faire Crowd

It’s just not a Maker Faire without a flame-firing sculpture. Thankfully, year after year, the renowned Bay Area arts organization Flaming Lotus Girls have provided the Faire with unforgettable interactive fire art. This year, fairgoers entering through the West gate were greeted with the flaming feathers from a larger Flaming […]

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