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Maker Faire Beat Report
Madrid Joins the Spanish Maker Party

Madrid Joins the Spanish Maker Party

Situated squarely in the center of Spain is its capital and largest city, Madrid, home to roughly 3.2 million people and a rapidly growing Maker community. This upcoming weekend, Madrid will become the fifth (!!) city to host a Mini Maker Faire in Spain, with their inaugural event set to […]

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Maker Travelers Are More Than Just Volunteers!

Maker Travelers Are More Than Just Volunteers!

The Maker Faire Traveler Program takes you behind the scenes at our flagship events in the Bay Area and New York. Take the skills you learn from these events into your community and spread the Maker Spirit. Sign up to help at Maker Faire and you get to attend for […]

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Flashback: See The First Ever Maker Faire Program Guide

Flashback: See The First Ever Maker Faire Program Guide

Step back in time with me, and behold the program guide to the first-ever Maker Faire. I was there, way back in the year 2006, demonstrating clay animation with my museum colleagues. I cherished this guide, but it went missing a few years ago. I’m so glad to have found a digital version […]

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Announcing the Winners of the PSoC Pioneer Challenge

Announcing the Winners of the PSoC Pioneer Challenge

One project wins $450 in gift certificates, and the Grand Prize winner will travel to Maker Faire Bay Area next month with their project!

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The Giant, Amazing Metal Works of Christian Ristow

The Giant, Amazing Metal Works of Christian Ristow

One of the artists who’s consistently brought some of the most impressive, inspired work to Maker Faire over the years is Christian Ristow. Based in Taos, New Mexico, Ristow has been showing at Maker Faire since 2008 (missing a few years after having a baby). He lives in New Mexico […]

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