Maker Faire Central Oregon 2023

Urban Lumber Salvaging

Home: Oregon, United States

Witness the transformation of timber into slab at our sawmill exhibit. Experience the magic of crafting with wood, from log to lumber.

Urban Lumber Salvaging - Maker Faire Central Oregon


Nicholas Giblin - Maker Faire Yearbook Photo

Nicholas Giblin

Introducing Nick, a Bend resident on a sustainability crusade. Raised in a world of woodworking in his fathers cabinet shop, he's now wielding a portable sawmill for a greener cause. With an unwavering passion to keep trees from being landfill-bound or turned into mere firewood, Nick transforms discarded logs into functional and beautiful creations. By rescuing these forgotten timbers, he champions sustainability while crafting pieces that tell tales of nature's resilience. When he's not giving new life to wood, you'll spot him mountain biking or climbing, reminding us that preserving our planet is an adventure worth pursuing. Nick's sustainable spirit is carving a brighter future, one recycled log at a time.

What Inspired You to Make This?

I am passionate about salvaging logs.

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