Maker Faire Lynchburg 2023

The Royal Trumpets

Home: New York, United States

The Royal Trumpets are an EPIC series of 6 kinetic pyrotechnic sound sculptures that stand 15' tall, connected to a keyboard, you can make come play music!
The Royal Trumpets - Maker Faire Lynchburg


Adam Foster Maker Faire Yearbook Photo

Adam Foster

Adam Foster is a New York based artist, musician, designer and fabricator and owner of Foster's Comic Creations. Trained in traditional metal crafts, with a love for technology and fire he embraces his limitless imagination. Creating and collaborating on projects ranging from large-scale kinetic fire emitting sculptures, to structural/industrial art, to large LED light sculptures and art cars for the popular festival Burning Man. Adam shows time and time again, that the only limitation is your imagination!

What Inspired You to Make This?

Art is how we decorate space, music is how we decorate time. This series of sculptures dose both! An artist working in many mediums, across a lifetime this piece is the culmination of all a lifetime of making!

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