Maker Faire Central Oregon 2023

Slidebox guitars

Home: Oregon, United States

Using a mix of contemporary and vintage materials, I build 3 stringed electrified cigar box guitars. I invite you to take over the creative process and keep the art alive by picking one up to play. The open tuning allows for anyone to learn.
Slidebox guitars - Maker Faire Central Oregon


Jonathan Dailey - Maker Faire Yearbook Photo

Jonathan Dailey

I am an artist, a musician, and a teacher. As an artist, I have always loved the idea of functional art. As a musician and artist, the more I studied the guitar, the more I became fascinated with the functional elements of sound and design. For me, building a Cigar Box Guitar is the ultimate functional art. When I create a new guitar and give it to someone to play, they take over the creative process and keep the art alive when they make music with it. With my guitars, the player takes over the creative process and continues to spread happiness and creativity through their own personal expression. My inspiration comes from folk art, the blues/the gospel and the great outdoors. Folk art (or Outsider art) is rooted in the cultural tradition of society. It reflects the environment, and tells the story of who, what, when, where, why, and how. It is utilitarian in nature, art of the people as opposed to the mainstream and manipulated market of high society art found in fine art galleries around the world. It tells a story and gives insight into the state of mind of the artist. Much like folk art, the blues creates an emotional story that tells about the struggles and victories of life that we can all relate to. My guitars merge the historical and visual stylings of folk art with the traditional sounds of Americana blues. In addition, the slide box guitar is lightweight, smaller than a traditional guitar and can easily be carried into nature for a hike or camping trip.

What Inspired You to Make This?

My love for music and art.

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