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Sedia a rotelle elettrica per tetraplegici

In the 2022-2023 school year, the students of class IV and V of the Electronic Robotics specialization allowed tetraplegic people, i.e., person with inability to voluntarily move the upper and lower parts of the body, to move independently and using the residual mobility of the head. An Arduino NANO 33 BLE and an inertial sensor present on board allow to intercept the movements of the head and, through the Bluetooth module, the information of the head movements is delivered to a self-built Master board and subsequently, through the DAC, the voltages are created to run the engines. Moreover, a set of sensors on the perimeter of the wheelchair avoids obstacles and a LIDAR sensor helps reconstruct the surrounding environment.
Sedia a rotelle elettrica per tetraplegici - Maker Faire

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IIS Tito Sarrocchi Maker Photo

IIS Tito Sarrocchi

In this school year 2022 - 2023, the IV and V A classes of the Electronics and Robotics specialization tried to deepen their knowledge in the robotics and electronics sector through afternoon school appointments focused on the automation of a wheelchair. The students, divided into groups of three or four, developed the various cards that were used to operate the wheelchair. The teachers coordinated the work helping to overcome the obstacles that occurred, while within each group those of V year tried to tutor those of the fourth one.

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