Maker Faire Rome 2023

Robotics, Science and Coding Education course for primary and middle schools.

Code Academy provides education course for schools of robotics, technology and coding to cultivate the passion of the new generations to study sciences and create robots. We organize various workshop for children 6-8, 9-12 and 12-14 years old lasting 60 min. with our teachers. The kids will build and write codes for interactive robots such as: * electric bicycle with graph of energy consumption on different surfaces (Scratch programming) * earthquake simulator with earthquake solutions * experimentation with electric circuit through percussion on sensors and programming with Micro: bit * innovative energy sources such as wind turbine We exhibit the presentations of the various projects created by our students (age 9-14): * solar panels with light reflection sensors that follow the light source and modulated to follow the sun's shift cycle to produce more energy * robots that collect wave energy with variables coded to calculate the energy produced GRABER-robotic hand: allows you to collect garbage safely.


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corsi di formazione di robotica educativa, programmazione e STEAM per bambini dai 5 ai 14 anni Maker Photo

corsi di formazione di robotica educativa, programmazione e STEAM per bambini dai 5 ai 14 anni

Code Academy APS is an non-profit association of STEM and Apple Certified teachers, providing STEM and Robotics education courses for children from 5 to 14 years old. The courses are based on tools developed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The course aims to develop programming skills with Scratch (based on Python), knowledge in science, mathematics and engineering, design and execution of 3D projects, ability to work collaboratively, creativity, communication and expressive ability. Kids become tech creators and not just app consumers. Code Academy was founded in 2021. We collaborate with 6 schools in Rome, there are more than 350 students involved in the course. Code Academy's students successfully participate in FLL and WRO.

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