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Robot umanoide Uranus

Uranus is a humanoid robot with 24 degrees of freedom (DOF) developed by ERL with the goal of reaching a height of 80 cm, surpassing the limit of previous projects. Uranus was conceived as a project to exceed the height limit of 60 cm set by previous endeavors. In addition to its size, the control electronics are based on two levels of intelligence: - The lower level is based on an 8-bit microcontroller that manages and interpolates the movements of the servos. This is the Poldino Servo Board with a PIC18F4550 processor. - A Raspberry Pi Zero board handles high-level tasks. On the mechanical side, Uranus has 24 degrees of freedom. The joints, excluding the neck (2 DOF) and hands, are controlled by 60 kgcm servomotors. The neck and hands have smaller servos with 20 or 40 kgcm torque. Apart from the two degrees of freedom in the hips, the torso is also noteworthy as it features two additional degrees of freedom: inclination and rotation.
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Robot umanoide Uranus - Maker Faire

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Elettra Robotics Lab Maker Photo

Elettra Robotics Lab

Elettra Robotics Lab is a non-profit association founded by a group of makers with the aim of promoting robotics as a study, recreational, and professional field. To achieve this goal, they collaborate with various organizations, companies, and schools. They have launched their own line of educational products, particularly the PoldinoBot robot kits in various versions, as well as the PoldinoBoard line and their latest addition, Elettrino. The association's projects, especially the humanoid robots, have been showcased at numerous national and international events.

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