Maker Faire Bay Area 2023

Porsche Carriera Camping Trailer X Honda Prelute Pickup Truck

Home: California, United States

What do you do with a modern classic that's too expensive to fix? Make a camping trailer of course! The Porsche Carriera is a camping trailer made from the back half of a Porsche Boxster, with a slide-out camp kitchen, front storage compartment, rooftop tent, 270 degree awning and quadruple bike racks. It is towed by the Prelute, itself a franken-truck-car made from a Honda Prelude coupe, and recently updated with an off-road look. These two-of-a-kind vehicles are the first builds by RennSafari, my fabrication house offering custom commissioned builds based on modern-classic RAD-era platforms.
Porsche Carriera Camping Trailer X Honda Prelute Pickup Truck - Maker Faire Bay Area

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Song Toh Maker Faire Yearbook Photo

Song Toh

By day, I am a Mechanical Engineer at an autonomous driving company. By night and weekends I like cutting cars up to make madcap vehicles that do things their manufacturers never intended. I’m also a dad of 3 and 7-year veteran of the Singapore Navy.

What Inspired You to Make This?

The Carriera Camping Trailer started life as an EV conversion project, but as these things go, it dragged out too long and I lost steam. Then in May 2022 I went to Overland Expo in Flagstaff, AZ, right after which I came home, bought a Sawzall, and started hacking away at the Boxster. 8 months later it was ready to start the camping season. Shortly afterward I decided to change up the lowered sport truck look of the Prelute to better pair it with the Carriera.

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