Maker Faire Rome 2023

Pop-up City. Percorsi reali e virtuali di racconto del territorio

Pop Up City is a territory exploration project that through the use of personal devices adds, overlays, writes and reads virtual information to the physical context. The idea behind the pop-up, in book technology as in computer technology, is that of three-dimensional development, the opening of temporary windows that have the function of warning, help or advice for navigation. Augmented reality applied to cultural heritage and the cityscape offers a new way of telling stories rooted in local culture, creating an intergenerational collective imagination.

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Pop-up City. Percorsi reali e virtuali di racconto del territorio - Maker Faire


Sapienza Università di Roma Maker Photo

Sapienza Università di Roma

Diana Ciufo (architect, PhD student): Inseguo nuovi modi di raccontare la comunità urbana. Per Pop Up City ho ideato, condotto e coordinato l'intero viaggio, ispirandomi ai luoghi e agli artisti coinvolti;; Alessio Placitelli (computer scientist): I outlined the technical vision of the project and supported its implementation; Daniela Dispoto (architect, PhD student): Interested in exploring the expressive possibilities of new digital cultures applied to the transmission of cultural heritage, for Pop Up City I was responsible for the communication and dissemination of the project.

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