Maker Faire Rome 2023

Polyter®: La rivoluzione verde dell'agricoltura - Conservazione dell'acqua, aumento della produttività e sostenibilità in un unico granulato innovativo!"

Polyter® is a revolutionary agricultural project that addresses global challenges related to pollution, energy costs, food security, global warming, and water scarcity. Its main objective is water conservation, a precious and limited resource often wasted in large quantities, especially in the agricultural sector. Polyter® is a unique fertilizing hydro-retainer that comes in the form of granules. These granules have an extraordinary capacity to absorb water from 160 to 300 times their dry weight, functioning as a water reservoir for plants. Moreover, Polyter® acts as a permanent dispenser of water and fertilizers to meet the plants' needs, providing them with everything they require to grow and develop optimally. What makes Polyter® truly exceptional is its ability to lower soil temperature, reducing plant stress. It works as a kind of refrigerated dispenser, ensuring optimal root, vegetative, fruit, and flower development. Balanced fertilizers specifically designed to nourish root development are incorporated within Polyter®, which is an essential element for plant growth. Polyter® seamlessly integrates with the roots, becoming an integral and optimal part of the plant. The versatility of Polyter® is one of its main strengths. It can be used in all types of crops and on all types of soil, allowing for broad applicability in both agricultural and horticultural contexts. Worldwide, agronomists, researchers, and inventors have been searching for hidden freshwater sources, but current methodologies fail to address the massive water waste in agriculture. Polyter® represents a breakthrough in this direction. The benefits of Polyter® are manifold. Firstly, it enables water savings of at least 50% to 80%, ensuring more efficient water resource management. Additionally, it reduces fertilizer consumption by 30% to 50%, optimizing yield, quality, and production sustainability. Polyter® also acts as a growth activator, advancing cultivation cycles and increasing root mass by 3 to 5 times. This translates into higher agricultural productivity, ranging from 30% to 100% depending on the crop type. Another important aspect is that Polyter® is completely biodegradable in the soil, with a degradation period ranging from 3 to 5 years, depending on the number of bacteria present in the soil. This further enhances Polyter®'s sustainability and environmental impact. In addition to water savings and improved crop yields, Polyter® plays a fundamental role in soil regeneration. It acts as a synthetic "earthworm," aerating, stabilizing, and binding the soil. Furthermore, it contributes to humus restructuring and reduces losses from evaporation and leaching. This promotes soil health and preserves long-term fertility. Safety is a top priority for Polyter®. It leaves no residues in the soil or in fruit and vegetable crops, as confirmed by accredited analyses. This aspect is crucial to ensure the quality and safety of food produced using Polyter®. Participating in the Maker Faire Rome represents an exceptional opportunity for us to share the innovation of Polyter® with the public. Our project offers tangible solutions to water-related challenges, sustainable agriculture, and environmental preservation. We are proud to present an idea that combines technology with ecology, promoting more efficient and environmentally friendly agricultural practices. Thanks to our participation in the Maker Faire Rome, we can demonstrate how Polyter® works through an exhibition that includes a table to showcase our products, a display to illustrate Polyter® granules, a computer, and a screen to present case studies, photos, and videos showcasing the extraordinary results achieved. Additionally, we will have an informative panel to provide further details about the project. We are excited to be part of such a stimulating event and to present Polyter® as an innovation that will transform sustainable agriculture. Our goal is to contribute to a future where water resources are used responsibly, and the environment is preserved.
Polyter®: La rivoluzione verde dell'agricoltura - Conservazione dell'acqua

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Agrifertile srl

The whole world in suspense, anguished by the economy, everyone in panic. People communicated by phone, through video conferencing, via webinars, thus losing human contact. The beginning of change! One thing we can say... "Not all evil comes to harm" In December 2020, through an Italian friend, I met Agricultural Engineer PHILIPPE OUAKI DI GIORNO. PHILIPPE OUAKI DI GIORNO proposed a project for us to develop in Italy, the "Polyter® Project," a successful product developed for 25 years, tested in over 50 countries, and currently distributed in 31 countries. I immediately understood the importance of the proposal and the great utility of employing Polyter®. Without hesitation, I accepted this new venture, which is to distribute Polyter® throughout Italy. A few days later, I received all the documentation regarding the project and the exclusive letter for Italy. For months, we have been thinking about how to finalize this project, form a technical-commercial team, and an effective sales network in Italy. Thus, AGRIFERTILE SRL was born, aware of introducing an unparalleled, innovative product to the Italian agricultural sector, providing great benefits to the environment. In addition to distributing Polyter® in Italy, AGRIFERTILE SRL aims to become a reference point in the agri-food sector for the supply of innovative products and services. Rationalizing water resources and providing environmentally friendly solutions for life is a primary objective. We obtained authorization from the Ministry of Agricultural and Forestry Policies in March 2022. Today, after months of work, meetings, customer research, agronomy experts, and commercial distributors by region, trips to France for a deep understanding of Polyter® where we were received by the inventor and producer Agricultural Engineer PHILIPPE OUAKI DI GIORNO, and many sacrifices, we are here to spread this great invention that is revolutionizing the world of all types of vegetation and saving freshwater for irrigation. Marco Abbruzzese Philippe Ouaki Di Giorno, the inventor of Polyter technology, was born on July 13, 1958, in Tunis. He is an agronomist and inventor known for his revolutionary discovery in the field of horticulture. After years of questioning plant growth, Ouaki Di Giorno created a synthetic organism called Plantoide, which develops a root mass twenty times larger than traditional plants. In 1991, his invention was awarded at the Hortimat Exhibition in Orléans with a special prize, and he received the prestigious worldwide horticulture award called "The Jury's Trick." Ouaki Di Giorno founded PODG Development to commercialize his active ingredient called Polyter, which proved effective in saving water, fertilizers, and energy in crops. Polyter has been successful in numerous countries, including Morocco, United Arab Emirates, France, Switzerland, Spain, Vietnam, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, and Madagascar. His discovery has contributed to improving agricultural efficiency and increasing crop yields, offering a sustainable solution for the agricultural industry. Philippe Ouaki Di Giorno is recognized as an innovator in the field of horticulture and water resource conservation.

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