Maker Faire Hudson Valley 2023

Plastics Made Pretty

Home: New York, United States

As a kid I thought that recycling plastics would save the world. Now I know better and try to do better. I use plastics to create unique products. Stop by Plastics Made Pretty to pick up something cool and learn a few ideas for yourself!
Plastics Made Pretty - Maker Faire Hudson Valley


Elizabeth Mills - Maker Faire Yearbook Photo

Elizabeth Mills

I grew up at a time when recycling plastics was the hot new thing that was going to save the world. Today I know that isn't the case and only less than 10% of all new plastics manufactured are recycled. I spent my career in an industry that is driven to conserve wild places, and I strive to do better at home. I learned about plarn, plastic yarn created from single use plastics and started to create reusable bags from it. I've expanded my craft to incorporate other waste materials. I wish to tap into a circular economy structure with products that are sustainable, zero wast, and reusable.

What Inspired You to Make This?

i learned about crating plarn as a way to donate a lightweight, sturdy sleeping mat for homeless shelters

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