Maker Faire Calgary 2023

Off Grid Living, Solar and Surviving in the Nevada Desert

Home: Alberta, Canada

This trailer is a moving piece of liveable art we have been working on for the last year. Listen to what we have learnt while building a trailer suitable for digital nomads that is sustainably developed with solar and off-grid living in mind.
Off Grid Living


lisa zhao Maker Faire Yearbook Photo

lisa zhao

Lisa: I am an electrical engineer with a master's in self-driving vehicle security. I enjoy tinkering and am currently doing the electrical for the trailer. In my spare time, I design ferrofluid-inspired modular pieces which I hope to showcase at upcoming music shows and music festivals. I am excited to display my work to the broader Calgary community and the art engineers at burningman 2023. Sarah is a maker with 10 years in the construction industry from roofing to flooring she's done it all. Currently, she's project-managing the trailer in addition to doing all the labor necessary. From fiberglass repair to framing she is able to talk about any construction-related topic.

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