Maker Faire Rochester 2023

Null Beam: a 6 foot, 11-string aluminum electric concept instrument

Home: New York, United States

Play a home-made Beam instrument, inspired by Mickey Hart of the Grateful Dead. Built from T6 Aluminum, strung with piano wire, and amplified with humbuckers and piezoelectric contact mics, the Null Beam is an experimental sonic playground.
Null Beam: a 6 foot


Jon Peck Maker Faire Yearbook Photo

Jon Peck

Null Confluence is the solo electronic music project by Jon Peck. Null Confluence creates dark, introspective industrial-inspired techno, EDM and ambient. Jon is an experienced and organized software engineer, which facilitates collaborations and communication between creatives, developers and other stakeholders. He incorporates feedback and rapidly iterates to meet client needs. Jon has composed soundtracks for video games, short films, trailers, and soundtracks for almost 20 years. His traditional experience includes jazz and orchestral trumpet. He started formal piano instruction at age 5 and has accompanied churches and choirs, played in pit orchestras for musicals, organ in a punk country band, and synthesizers in a progressive rock group.

What Inspired You to Make This?

An artist / friend of mine, Karl Learmont AKA Angelspit, built one and shared his technique with me, and I made a variation of his design. I love experimenting with sound and making cinematic music, and this instrument absolutely does it.

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