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The LAGOrà project aims to make students passionate about science and technology starting from problems close to them and making them active protagonists of the monitoring process. In fact, the boys built instruments (control units for detecting atmospheric pollutants, pH meters, phreatimeters, handcrafted microscopes) to evaluate the state of health of Massaciuccoli Lake, and contributed to producing solutions and fundamental data for setting up campaigns of environmental remediation aimed at raising awareness among citizens and institutions, establishing a vicious circle of collaboration, citizen science and good practices.
LAGOrà - Maker Faire

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IIS Galilei Artiglio Maker Photo

IIS Galilei Artiglio

The LAGOrà project was conceived and designed last year with the pupils who attended the fifth class this year and who then illustrated the project to the younger one-year-olds in order to transfer the knowledge and skills acquired. The aim, in fact, is not to let the project end with the class that conceived it, but to pass it on to future students, both from the Liceo and from the ITI who have always worked in synergy. Training to think about the near future as well as the present, helps pupils develop a long-term environmental perspective that has so far been lacking even in political decision-makers.

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